Secure Your Car

Trust Dragon Master Auto Sound and Security to help you keep your car safe and secure. We know your personal vehicle is very important to you, as is your own safety and that of your family. We bring all our expertise to bear to protect your car from would-be vandals and thieves.  

Whether you need a car alarm, camera, remote start  or lock installed we  will perform fantastic work for you at a reasonable price. Studies have shown that when confronted with the risk of having to disarm a car alarm thieves usually move on to easier pickings. Don't leave your car unprotected and have it be seen by a thief as easy prey!

Remote start units can also be very useful, especially in cold weather when you can start your car before you go out so it will be nice and warm!  The distance range for remote starts has improved with many of the remote starts currently on the market. Even if your car is not parked in front of your living quarters in a private driveway it is often possible to start your car remotely from some distance away in the comfort of your home.  Remote starts modules, can, of course be integrated with the same remote used for your car alarm, or in many cases these days can be operated from your smart phone.

Dragon Master Auto Sound & Security serves as authorized dealers in Brooklyn for Viper SmartStart security.  The amazing Viper SmartStart system enables you to remotely start, control and locate your vehicle utilizing your smart phone!

At Dragon Master Auto Sound & Security we always stay abreast of the latest technology so we can provide you with the best, customized solution for your automotive needs.

Contact Dragon Master Auto Sound and Security today so you can rest comfortably knowing your vehicle is well-protected!

Why choose Dragon Master Auto Sound & Security for your alarm and/or security installation??

  • Highly Experienced
  • Competitive Prices
  • Security Installer of Choice for Many Local dealers
  • Quick turnaround time